THPHOTO; Tobias Hibbs is a professional wedding, portrait, and fashion photographer born in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1989. He has been a resident of the Poconos in Pennsylvania since he was a small child.


Hiya! I'm a professional wedding and portrait photographer based in the Bethlehem, Lehigh Valley, Pocono Mountains, and Philadelphia areas of Pennsylvania. I graduated from Hallmark Institute of Photography & love to capture memories all along the east coast.

I strive to create candid images; the images that bring you right back to that moment. I enjoy photographing in natural light the most, using what nature provides and adapting; that's why I enjoy wedding photography so much. There's constant movement and you always have to be a adaptable to social or lighting situations. The challenge often creates unexpectedly beautiful results that would be far too difficult to plan.

 Co-pilot, Chuck; I enjoy my puppies and climbing --->

Co-pilot, Chuck; I enjoy my puppies and climbing --->

I am a supporter of the organizations Invisible Children, World Wild Life Organization, & Water is Life

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